It's About/Curated By

Room with Light, Vienna 2019

Three artist books

on Eizo Industrial Display Stands

3 pairs of Sennheiser HD25II headphones

Digital video on Sony Cube Monitor, 25min

Three prints, digital print on chandelier

SKULLSPLITTER is a series of three books. The form is closely related to that of the chamber play.

The work has its origins in a research project on the metabolist architecture of Japan in 2015 and on shopping malls in Tokyo and in Asahikawa on Hokkaido in 2018. For half a year, the buildings of Kisho Kurokawa were studied, specifically the Nakagin Capsule Tower from 1973, one of the last examples of this modular architecture. 

The text is based on field notes, biographical episodes, and dream logs from a variety of sources. 

In three archetypal spatial situations, protagonists are led through inner perceptions of architecture until they can no longer see themselves as separate from the building. Time, language and the body image in space are pushed to the limit of collapse.

 The three projects are grouped together in a cycle. Each work consists of a book, a radio play and a music production. The work is conceived both for an audiovisual presentation in space and as an edition in the form of a book box.

Dilemmas Accumulate

3 books in slipcase, 140 x 200 mm

perfect binding, Munken Print Cream 115g

Slipcase made of bookbinding cardboard

Display "Eizo Industrial Monitor Stand" Audio play,
25 min

Digital video on Sony Cube monitor, 25min

 The End of Dying

1 book 180 x 185 mm

Hardcover, open thread stitching with dust jacket,
Munken Print White 90g/ Popset Orange 90g

Cover in 300g industrial board

On "Eizo Industrial Monitor Stand

Audio play 55 min

Skullsplitter book 170 x 300 mm

Hardcover, open thread stitching with dust cover
Munken Print White 90g
Cover in 300g industrial board on "Eizo Industrial Monitor Stand

radio play 55 min
Diptych "Skullsplitter
3 prints, digital print on Luster

220 x 85 cm

Dilemmas Accumulate
Digitalvideo on Sony Cube Monitor, 25min