Methlife - Deathlife

Gold und Beton, 
Köln 2020

Laser Print on copy paper 120g/m², framed

Laser prints on A3 Paper, framed

Ibuprofen 200g cartridge

3 tables with print/audio material

Magazines „RTTT-TV, EPs on CD-R and booklets

CD-Player, Headphones

The Methlife cycle represents the result of a body of work created in 2018. A series of prints, music projects, books and magazines represent a kind of work-in-progress that were published under different labels (5Dollar, Marginal Hollywood) and under the artist figure "MethLife". 
Several zines deal with topics like the death of the Gianni Versace murderer David Cunanan - in a kind of "true crime issue".

The work, for which a music album has been released, represents a cut-up from the files of the criminal case. The music is fed by digital synthesis and field recordings. At the same time, a book on Patrick Bateman, the character from "American Psycho" and his Manhattan apartment, has been produced.

A series of three magazine issues explores the aesthetics of the Cray supercomputer and its incarnations in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. 
Other magazines depict traverses of the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles and extremely distorted animal documentaries and an extreme science fiction opera called "Healthwab Trilogy."

CD productions have been created for all of the magazines, and books or booklets, as well as magazines, have been created for all of the CD productions. In the context of an installation at Gold und Beton, Cologne all issues of the magazine as well as the music on CD-R/CD could be viewed and listened to.
The exhibition also offered the opportunity for a release of the last CD (Methlife - Healthweb 1-3), which is distributed by a-Musik in Cologne.