mit Pia Bergerbusch


Post Tyler,
Köln 2019

2 Video Loops auf Eizo Industial Displays,

je 12min

Bleach, Object, 250 x 120 x 90

Steel, Aluminium, Acyli

Artist Book on Eizo Industrial 
Display Stand

Three Prints on Backlit Foil

Bleach is an installation that was the result of a research stay in Japan. The places investigated together with Pia Bergerbusch, first and foremost the Tokyo shopping mall "Nakano Broadway", became settings for a wide variety of stories and reflections in texts. In addition, book and music productions as well as the concept for a spatial installation were created on site, which have now been realized in the exhibition "Bleach".


Elevated Outcorpse

Artist book

Post Tyler, Cologne 2019
Artist book
Edition of 20

Size: 28 x 20
Perfect binding, Munken Print Cream 115g,
Cover 280g industrial board,   
Radio play on audio CD-R

Elevated Outcorpse presents a dialogue between two narrative voices. The protagonists are separated by the recto/verso (left/right) sides of the book. The narrative voice on the left represents an unnamed person who appears to be sitting in some sort of command center. The language suggests that she or he works in a reconnaissance or intelligence agency. She or he is involved in a series of intrigues and attempts to interfere with the second speaker's reality via manipulation of superiors or others.
The second person is on the way through a labyrinth, which seems to be a funnel of hell made with the technical means of contemporary industrial architecture, which has strong similarities with the one from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
Over the course of various chapters of "Pauses," the two subjects experience the same environment from two different perspectives. They are confronted with an ever-increasing concentration of events at the end of the story, until there is no language left at the bottom of the funnel to describe what is happening.