Methlife - Healthweb Trilogy


Methlife - Deathlife

Gold und Beton, 
Köln 2020


3 CD in Jewel Case 
40 S. Booklet, 4/4 Farbig 
Edition von 100

a-Musik a Musik, Köln


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Juno uk

"Methlife, born in Tokyo, 2018 is announcing it's first physical release "Healthweb Trilogy" on 5Dollar/marginal hollywood on CD with extensive liner notes. In the Healthweb Trilogy we observe the creature "Spite Instrument" while it is moving through an infinite labyrinth of blood stained catacombs deep under the surface of the earth. Through the course of the three Acts "Deathlife", "Dreamstate" and "Sunlight" it tries to gain ever higher states of knowledge about its existence and during that process it is entangled deeper and deeper into the gruesome law of the Wrong World below." (label info) comes in a triple-CD with 48p booklet and download code